Keo Romeat Mango

Keo Romeat Mango

Introducing the Keo Romeat Mango – golden yellow on the outside, bright orange on the inside with a balanced sweet flavor, smooth texture and low fibers. Angkor Harvest, sharing the richness of Cambodian mangos.

Keo Romeat has a number of distinctive features:

The Keo Romeat Mango is the ideal fruit to include in your daily diet. From eating fresh to using the fruit or our puree in a wide range of exciting and tasty dishes.

And it’s not just about the taste! Mangoes are ranked as one of the healthiest fruits in the world.

Mangoes are low in calories but full of nutrients. Only one cup (approximately 246g) of sliced mango contains 100% of your RDI of Vitamin C. Studies have also shown that mangoes have high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which may help your immune system fight off disease.

Keo Romeat Mango Production Calendar
Dark colors are the main months of production in Cambodia