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Angkor Harvest

It’s nature’s best kept secret! Previously known only within Cambodia and its bordering countries, Angkor Harvest is now introducing the sweetest and most distinctive flavored mango to the world.

Give a warm welcome to the Keo Romeat Mango

Did you know that Cambodia is one of the top ten mango producers in the world?

Until now, Cambodia has lacked the logistical and processing abilities needed to get its mangos to global markets. With assistance from international experts in farming, processing, and development, Angkor Harvest has established a state-of-the-art packaging facility and logistical network to introduce this new mango variety to global markets. This includes cold chain transport and facilities to ensure our mangoes are in perfect condition when they reach you. With our reliability and years of industry knowledge, we aim to revolutionize the mango market in Cambodia and internationally.




Recognizing clean water, air, and fertile soil improve our world for generations to come, we are committed to improving farming ecosystems and techniques.
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Investing in our independent farming partners by introducing best practices, providing a consistent buying outlet, and paying a fair price for mangos.

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Reduce Waste


Ensuring every mango is utilized – no waste. Washing, packing and delivering fresh grade one mangos to global fruit buyers, and processing all grade two and three fruit in our puree processing facility for industrial use.


Farmer Story

Samnang has always known that his mangos, grown on a farm in Kirirom for three generations, were of the highest quality.

But with inadequate logistics, the best he could hope for was to sell them in the markets of Phnom Penh. By partnering with Angkor Harvest, Samnang is able to draw on the many years of agricultural experience Angkor Harvest brings to the table. And with input from our teams of experts on subjects such as soil and tree health, and on reducing the use of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides, Samnang knows that he can increase his crop yields and maximise income, which can allow him to buy more land and produce more succulent Keo Romeat mangoes!